Monday, October 31, 2011

seeking for that moment

hello world.
just now my mood is swinging...
i am not really sure oso
my work now mountain badly but i cant even finish it 
ya..cause it is mountain la..
every morning at 7.30 am, I'm waiting for Acik Nong came to fetch me
if Acik Nong go to gym to fit herself
I'll as my older sister, kak Yong or my cute sister kak Afzan to send me at the crabby...
Acik Nong will get married this december.
and i will the only single and the bright flower in this house...hmm
we came to the office when the moon is still smiling..
And back home until the moon replace the sun back..
oh sun, long time no see. aha

sometime I really miss to look up to the sky..
see the blue bright wide ocean up on my head~

i miss to feel how cold the wind blowing
want to touch the water from the sky..
i ve a dream to touch the white cotton floating thing ..
how was it feel..?
can i put it in the bottle and keep it with me?

this is real..i am working night and back home night..
i still hve my life at this house. 
and i miss my home..

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