Monday, October 31, 2011

dear yayah

I just cant believe my sister love the book I gave her.
the book I bought at Syabab Bangi
first time I saw the cover..and yes, I always judge a book by its cover..
I wont listen to what people are sayin'
my sister, called kak lah got a really big dream..
really big ..
cause I ve never got that really big dream..
hopefully she will go to Moscow..
see how far she has seeing i feel happy
high ambition that I ve never had.
my dik Na 2 years old younger than kak lah
I dont know either she oso got ambition to fly abroad like her sister
I got funny story bout her.
story begin..
since she was a small girl, she really stick to our lovely sweet mummy
until one day we asked her what she want to be when she grew up..
she said.."i just want to sell ice cream at home. so that I ll never be far from mak."
=_=" sigh~~

touching rite?
until now she got blush on her face when we repeat the same story
that was my lil sister that bright my family..

24 sept is kak lah's birthday
6 may is dik na's birthday

so i just bought for both of them a book.
one book is about the experience of the writer go to Eau Claire, further her studies there
++ dear yayah..++
until my kak lah says "when i read that book, i feel myself at canada..that was an awesome book.can u buy dear yayah again to me?"
i am so glad. long time i try to persuade them to be closed with book.especially islamic book.
alhamdulillah ..
my kak lah and dikna.. i ll bought u another dear yayah series..

other book is about solat hajat and story about one companion of our beloved prophet saw..

love u both~

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