Monday, November 7, 2011

just wait?

today we got meeting
i feel like thunder on my head
doing something that i ve never done 
make my head spinning 
up side down
my boss said that,
"if we want to bake a cake tomorrow, we should decide it today. so that we can prepare the ingredient.."

"work for 2 month make it be 1 week"


it is about quality of time
time is just like a water flowing non stop.
we cant stop it and it will never bother to wait for us..
if we need to run, run! faster!
never wait for tomorrow..
our Prophet, Muhammad SAW said that,
"if we are in morning, dont wait for the night...."

the urgency doing thing that prophet saw ask us to do

doing thing..
know ur aim
be a better person perhaps..

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