Thursday, November 24, 2011

if here is a mom, there must be a dad

.....In The Name of ALLAH the Most Gracious the Most Merciful......

I called him , Abah
abah juara satu-satunya!
time that I was a little girl..I am too closed to my abah
he is loving and caring
just the only abah that i have
all sort of story between me and my abah
the time that he makes my life happy
the time i broke abah's heart
the time abah slapped on my face
the time that i make abah happy

put all his effort
working under bright and hot burning sun
my abah got an accident on his way back home from his work place
his arm was broken
the pain...
but he never give up
wake up in the morning
go to work
his life ...his life
 nothing can i describe

but just wanna say
the deep appreciation i dedicate to my abah!
the love that never written here~

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