Monday, November 7, 2011

mom the star that brighten my life

i dont have much of my bonda pict
i dont know..sometimes i cant look to her face..
the face with a lot of wrinkle.
uncounted wrinkle show how tired and a lot of sacrifices that she poured to raised all her 5 childs
the person who put so much effort for her children 

that sometimes child neglect the feeling of a mother
who sacrifices everything
feel like u are the one  mom should craving for..
if mom never care when u re crying till faint cause ur sick
if mom never sweep anti infection to ur cut
if mom just sleep all night in a dream never thinking bout her crying baby
if mom never prepare a food for us
if mom never wake us up when it is dawn for subooh prayer
if mom never nagging when we doing wrong
if mom just silent when we are sayin' that we are sad..
if one day, 
no more women called mom again to nagging, to listen, to talk, to give some sort of motivation injection in her own way..

do u think we can survive?
yezessss! ALLAH tarbiyyah but if no mother...we will never be here
mom is a great gift from ALLAH
she never let us down..
enough if she happy with us make our life feel blessed..
credit pict :

stop the ignorance
do ur part as a children
just listen to the nagging
that u will miss it one day
enjoyed the food and drink which is tasteless created by diabetic mother
that u will never taste it again some day
smile and look into ur mother eyes
the face that u will crave to face when u feel miserable
then u know how precious ur mother was

sms ver.2011
mak : "angah sihat x? mana angah ni?"
angah ~ Allah, lama dah aku xmsej mak
terus type msg
angah: "mak, angah xtopup lagi, handphone ni bateri kong plak. nant lepas angah dah topup angah call mak"
kadng 'kesibukan' buat kita lupa ...
mak: "xpayah call pon xper..anta sms cukup.igt angah pergi mana la tadi"

mom a craving for us coz she put us in her heart..soldering tight 
remembering us everytime
but me??

ada harapan bila menatap wajahmu

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