Sunday, April 17, 2011

berseorangan juga akhirnya

saya selaloo post kat FB tajuk lau, lirik lagu, kate2 best..hahaha..
.ntah..sume bukan dari otak sendiri..
rasa macam best..
hah? ayat Quran / Hadis?
saya tahu kalo letak ayat Quran /Hadis harus la ramai yang "like" 
even yang like tu ade je yang free hair...
tapi secara lumrahnya saya percaya manusia cinta dan rindu akan ayat2 ALLAH..sungguh Quran itu syifa' dan Hadis itu lampu yang menerangi jalan
i pray to ALLAH SWT to grant us Hidayah and Jannah..insyaALLAH

surah Yunus: 57

ada satu ketakutan bila berseorangan...
kita kadang sangat mengharap ada orang yang akan  accompanies us rite?
but the time will come..
and we will be alone
in the moment we are out from our mom womb..we are crying and people around us r smiling~
but when we are passed we want people smiling and we are still crying?
hopefully, not..we are try harder right now..
in the world here, we are planting the 'good seed' as much as we can where will can harvest there..
the place which seem so far..but gettin' closer
we wanna be smiling when we are death..

death is not just a pain..

but it is the way how  ALLAH SWT create to separate our soul from dunnya to akhirah..

death just like a sheath that separate from one medium to the is dunnya and akhirah..

when the time are coming..we will never make it short for even longer for second..

All creature will dead one day..just we dont know how and dont know when..

that was  a mystery ya? 
mystery that we know and we dont know..
just prepare because life are created to be tested...

when i read a lot of story bout cancer survivor or even blog that written by people share story bout their experience of facing all the mehnah..
i knew there is must has some hope that ALLAH grant to those He loves..
He will never be cruel to His servant..

al-fussilat: 46
".......Dan Tuhanmu sama sekali tidak menzalimi hamba-hambaNYA."

i just wonder ya ALLAH..

when is my turn?
the time will coming right ALLAH? and i will be alone...
hopefully my end is Husnul Khotimah..
because i m not the one who r ready to face that moment..
which prophet Muhammad saw also seem to hard during that time..
until Jibrail as turn his face..
and prophet Muhammad saw asked Jibrail as..:
" why do u turn ur faced? is it too horrible to see my face?"
Jibrail the replied:
"oh! who can stand here and see prophet face struggling with death..?"

oh ALLAH! how do i?
how can i face it?
it will really hurt! so much pain!
i am no body ya ALLAH without you..

sometimes ya ALLAH i feel really hard with this world..
i m struggling here..
i dont wanna stay here any more cause i know this is the placed u re testin on ur slave..
i dont wanna be bad person..
i know even with my tarbiyyah every week cant even shape me well..
this is my bad...

ya ALLAH I hope i can be husnul dzon with u always
always ya ALLAH..
hopefully i can always think that all mehnah is the good indicator like litmus paper..

ya ALLAH...sometimes this life is too awesome...
all my day going smoothly....
i dont meet mr.problem and mrs horrible
and suddently i sat down and think..
i start worry..
is this also mean that u re not watching over me?
cause all people said that when ever ALLAH grant u a problem...such a big2 problem..
mean ALLAH try to test see how patient u r and how strong ur faith towards Him...
i just wondering ya ALLAH
just wonder..
oh ALLAH dont let me go astray..
i wanna asked You to help me always remembering You, say thankfull to You and always do my best to worship You ALLAH...

life will end...

innalillahi wainna ilaihirojiuun..

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